Vocational Track

Career planning is most effective when integrated with vocational assessment.  Employment is most successful when job demands correspond with an individual’s abilities and skills.  VC & VC provides objective vocational assessment information to assist a person in focusing on a realistic vocational direction. 

All professional staff are trained graduate level Evaluators with years of experience in providing objective assessments through the use of standardized instruments and techniques.  Our reports reflect concise answers to the questions asked in the referral with needs being addressed in realistic terms.

The evaluation process provides information on an individual’s: 

                      • Vocational interests
                      • Skills, aptitudes and abilities
                      • Capacity to engage in gainful employment
                      • Physical capacities and limitations as they relate to employment
                      • Realistic vocational options
                      • Training, education, placement needs
                      • Potential workplace accommodations

The evaluation is coordinated with formal testing, interviewing, behavioral observations and a review of any relevant medical information as it relates to employment.

Vision Counseling & Vocational Consulting, LLC provides varying levels of Vocational Evaluations and several additional services, depending on the depth and scope of information needed. 

Transferable Skills Analysis: review and analyze an individual’s previous training and employment to determine demonstrated skills and abilities that can be transferred to other types of work.

Initial Vocational evaluation: services may include interview, career guidance, job readiness, and vocational exploration. 

Moderate Vocational evaluation:  services may include aptitude testing, interest testing, and identification of vocational goals resume review and development, and vocational exploration to include identification of potential jobs and training in the local/national economy. 

Comprehensive Vocational evaluation: all of the previously listed services plus transferable skills analysis, review of medical records, and feasibility to return to work determination. 

The comprehensive vocational evaluation can be essential in helping you get the evidence needed to support your claim for social security benefits or VA Disability Unemployability Compensation benefits.

Whether you are in a mid life crisis trying to determine a new vocation, a student trying to find a career suitable to your interests, or a disabled veteran seeking evidence to support your disability claim, we can help “see your potential” and chart a course to get you the information you need to be on your way. 

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