Group Counseling Track


Our group counseling track is facilitated by experienced therapists to help you reach individual goals in a therapeutic group setting.  Each candidate for group is assessed for feasibility and cohesiveness with group structure, temperament and goals.   Group is structured to have client input and interaction so that group performance is maximized.  Sessions may involve homework assignments, guest speakers, class activities, and presentations.   Upon successful completion of the group treatment goal candidates will receive a Vision Certified Completion Certificate and participate in a graduation ceremony. 

• Anger Management Group  – These sessions are ideal for clients who have problems with  

impulsivity and have a demonstrated lack of controlling their emotions.  Group sessions target the importance of recognizing the problem, identifying different types of anger, identifying and practicing anger management techniques, identifying critical thinking errors, stress management, and effective communication strategies. 

• Rehabilitative Psychosocial Services Group (RPS) – The RPS group equips clients with the basic skills needed to survive on the job, in relationships, within the family, and most of all within themselves.  Topics discussed during group may include: distorted thinking, experiencing unconditional love, the power of forgiveness, preparing for setbacks, effective communications, and self-defeating thoughts. 


• Shoplifters Education Group – The Shoplifters Education group focuses on supportive educational services to clients that have been arrrested and referred for counseling. This education program helps shoplifters understand how their own personal and social pressures can trigger a shoplifting incident and explain what they can do to put shoplifting behind them forever.   Topics include: the underlying reason people shoplift, how shoplifting affects the lives of real people (not just stores), risk and reward, decision making, accountability, consequences of getting away with it (and so much more!)

• Alcohol Education Group – this group focuses on educating clients about the disease concept of alcoholism, alcohol abuse and dependence.  Our facilitators go beyond simply saying "no to alcohol" but give client's interesting, real-life examples of how alcohol abuse and alcholism can wreak havoc on their futures.  The group also includes positive information to initiate self-change in those who already have identified problems with alcohol. Sessions may involve video vignettes, guest speakers, group activities, and so much more.    

Habakkuk 2:2 - “write the vision, and make it plain…..”

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